Open Schooling Show Entry

If you are unable to use the show entry form displayed on this page for your show entry, then please send in your entry by sending an email to for each entry. In your email, please include the horse’s name & age, rider’s name & age, list of classes you would like to enter, and a telephone number where we can reach you on the day of the show in case of show cancellation.

Please remember to click the Submit button when you have completed your entry

3 thoughts on “Open Schooling Show Entry

  1. Lisa L. Conrad

    CAN’T WAIT For these Shows! Sweet Rock & Team SRS Is SWEET & ROCKS! Thanks, All!

  2. Lisa L. Conrad

    Megan & Honor are PSYCHED for Roxy’s 1st pointed show!! (so is Katie Keil, Katie Conrad & Big Mama–aka -Lisa Conrad– A Big Kid!! Whoo Hooo! Yip Yip! Yahoo! None of us are easy-at-waiting, for anything as COOL as a Seet Rock Stable Ride… We are even more excited about a Team SRS SHOW!! Be Safe, All & Best Wishes, Hugzz & Prayerzz!! — The Happyville Recue Crew!! Thank you Team Sweet Rock!! We are Sweet & We Rock (non-brag…) because of Roxanne Baldwin’s 14-18 Hour Days!! Thanks for including, Welcoming & finding us The Perfect Ride for Each of us!!– L, M & K


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