Blanket Services

We have expanded our Horse LaundryPaint_Blanket Service!   Sweet Rock Stables has acquired an industrial sized washing machine that can launder multiple over-sized blankets at a time, along with an industrial grade sewing machine.  These machines allow us to offer more laundry and repair services than ever before.

We are a farm-based operation geared to keep up the investment you have in your horses’ protection from the elements.   We provide laundry service for machine washable items, and our repair facility  has extensive fabric and fittings to accommodate simple to complex repairs.  We are not limited to horse blankets and can wash/repair many animal and recreational items.

We specialize in exceptional cleaning, repair & water-repellent of horse blankets, sheets, coolers, saddle pads and other animal/recreation-wear. We take pride in making your horse’s apparel clean and repaired to your satisfaction. We offer quick turnaround, upfront pricing, and superior services…NO HORSEPLAY!

Blanket_on_FenceThe best blanket is not the most expensive of any particular brand – the best blanket fits both your animal and situation. Keeping it clean and in good repair can maximize your investment and your horse’s health. We are often out of reach of the phone while we are working.  We have voicemail.  Leave your phone number and a good time to call or you can always email us.  Call or email us today for our price sheet. 410 374 3870  or

Washing Info
We only line dry blankets, so you do not get shrinkage.  However, sweat sheets (waffle weave) and some wool blankets may still shrink because of the nature of the material.  It is possible to pull these fabrics back to size with care.   Blankets are tagged and returned in a labeled plastic bag.   We recycle returned clean bags.

WE ONLY REPAIR CLEAN BLANKETS! All repairs are done…sewing on commercial sewing machines. Every effort is made to match hardware and colors. We offer surcingle hardware, straps, snaps and binding replacements. Leg straps can also be added. If we feel the blanket requires extensive repairs, we will contact you with a quote before starting any repair work.

Blankets can lose their waterproofing abilities over time. Ask for waterproofing to revitalize your water-resistant blankets when you send
them in.

Pick Up and Delivery
We pick up and deliver to local stables on a regular or on call basis. There is a minimum blanket requirement for this service. Call or email us for more information, and also ask us about our Barn Ambassador Program

Blanket Folding and Return
After cleaning, drying and repairing, we package folded blankets into bags with identification.
Pet Laundry
Dog beds, blankets and pet clothing of all types are washed, hung to dry, and clear wrapped.