Open Western Dressage Clinic at Sweet Rock Stables – April 11, 2015

Come join us at Sweet Rock Stables’ Indoor Arena on Saturday, April 11, 2015, for a Western Dressage Fix-A-Test ride that will include a mini Western Dressage lesson based on your test performance. For this clinic, come as you are in the tack you have now, and learn what Western Tack you will need to compete in USEF Western Dressage tests. Come learn more about this exciting new USEF discipline!

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What is a “Fix-A-Test” clinic? For each test you ride, you will ride the test of your choice in front of the judge. After your test, the judge will critique your performance and offer suggestions and/or instruction on how to improve your test score. You will also be given information on the proper USEF Western Dressage tack regulations and if your current tack qualifies. Finally, you will enter the arena and ride your test again for the judge for a score.

Our judge is Roxann Baldwin, Western Dressage Judge (Pending), and our clinic is open to all breeds! Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about Western Dressage!

The cost per test is $35; no cost for auditors.

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